I’m sure at some point you’ve heard the term ‘Alpha Male or Alpha Female‘, For me though I thought that term described who I consider the A-Gays on the scene, you know the ones who have 120k instagram followers but 103k of those followers they purchased from a click farm in China. (A-Gays and instagram – New Post this week)

I completed the 10 Things That Prove You Are an Alpha Gay Male Test and was shocked that I am in fact one, but it wasn’t what I thought and it’s not bad at all. Alpha Males or Females are people who are independent and mentally strong, have many life ambitions, high performers yet quiet achievers at the same time, majestic but always slightly intimidating. So, here are:

10 things that prove you’re an Alpha Gay Male or Female.

1. You’re direct and to the point.

The Alpha personality usually knows exactly what he/she wants and needs from other people. Thus, you will say everything without any confusing hidden messages in it. A “Yes” means “Yes” and vice versa. If you’re in doubt or confused, you will let people know by asking them some questions and opinions before you make the final decisions. You rarely lie to other people because that’s just not your core value.

2. You believe in people’s actions rather than words.

Because you don’t buy into people’s bullshit. You never over-analyze people’s text messages or their words and you don’t do emojis, because it’s just a waste of time. You believe in people’s behaviours, gestures, and actual face-to-face interactions. You don’t do text-expectations either; you will reply to people’s texts as soon as possible and it only means that you respect them, not because you have a particular interest towards them.

3. You give zero fucks of fear of missing out. FOMO

It’s totally okay for you to miss a party or eventnot having to know or listen to people’s life stories. You realise you don’t need or want to know every bitchy rumour, Chinese whispers gossip or be involved in other people’s drama, because your’e too busy living your own life. But, when you do have interests in something you will be the first person to know everything and anything about that current situation, you will learn, adapt and make sure you are deeply involved.

4. You always deliver, what you say is what you do.

Your words will always be consistent with your behaviour, because you can’t and don’t want to fake your attitudes towards other people. You’re mature enough to speak up and show your dislike or disagreement for something, Never rude and you always have reasons behind how you act. You don’t mind being sarcastic and funny because it’s your own way to show that you’re just being honest.

5. You choose to only have a handful of friends.

Although you can be a social butterfly at times and have numerous random acquaintances, you know that you only have one or two people in your life that you can really trust. You will happily break the cord with any relationship when it’s become toxic for your inner being but you always bounce back every time someone breaks your trust or your heart. A broken heart just makes you appreciate and value those few friends even more.

6. You LOVE enjoy being on your own.

No you don’t have a social phobia, and you don’t mind at all doing everything by yourself. You don’t feel lonely, actually never, because you’re so used to being independent. You never ask anyone for their help unless it’s an absolute emergency, you enjoy like minded souls who understand you, your values and ideas. You don’t need someone to hold your hand in life, because you’re already holding life’s hand. As an adult you know you have options, including the option to saying a polite “No Thank you” to a last minute, after work 5.45pm Monday dinner catch-up. Nope – never.

7. You’re not bothered and are low-key at its finest.

You barely post anything on social media accounts (normally there will only be 2, as Alpha personalities are far too busy to be wasting time on these platforms) and when you do post something it will be either humorous or really important to you. You like being MIA, because you highly prioritise your own privacy. People always seem to be discussing or bitching about your life (because their not in it) and you make sure it’s kept that way because you know it’s important to draw a line between your life and theirs.

8. You’re always busy building your empire and doing the things you love.

You have so many goals and dreams that you’re pursuing and you always find yourself doing something new and exciting that you love. You are passionate about your life and you’re always keen to learn more, build your knowledge. You love to be productive and you do these things not to gain attention or compliments from people, but because you enjoy doing it for yourself.

9. What other people say about you, is none of your business.

You don’t live your life based on society’s (The Gay Scene) standards because you yourself have your own set of standards. The “Cookie Cutter Gay” and “Sheep Gay” just aren’t you, you try but you know you can’t please everyone, your basic motto is, “Life’s too short to pretend I like you, the end.” You treat everyone no matter who they are with the same respect and you expect that in return, you recognise your own self-worth and despite the fact that you have your own set of priorities, you will still listen to the opinions of work colleagues, friends, family and loved ones.

10. You’re not scared being alone or single, because you don’t need another person to make you happy.

You choose to be single until such time when you find that special someone who really understands you, your Morals and your Values. You want someone who will respect you, trust you, challenge you and teach you new things. You’ll be attracted to a person who has dreams and goals as big as yours. You will choose to be single until you find someone who doesn’t see you as a threat or friend, but as a partner, because he/she feels equal to you.

At the end of the day, you know an Alpha personality loves you when he/she says, I don’t need you, but I want you.

So, anyone surprised to find out that they are in fact an Alpha Personality? I certainly was.

Side Note: Quick FYI – Please don’t contact me until mid-late week (nights) and if you text me and I call you straight back and you don’t pick up – I’ve already blocked / deleted your number and maybe your cars on fire.


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