Krissy Stanley from Sydney’s Southern Suburbs The Shire is set to feature in a new show called My Fabulous Life.

The new reality show stars the fantastic Christa Billich of Billich Galleries, who featured and is friends with The Real Housewives of Melbourne and The Real Housewives of Sydney

Tziporah Malkah or ‘Kate Fischer‘ is also set to join the cast (personally I can’t wait to see what Kate Fischer has been up to!) ,Renowned Artist Charles Billich and Cosmetic Injector Nurse Matty Samaei will complete the cast, Matty Samaei was cast as one of the first Real Housewives of Sydney and most likely one of the last.

Ms Stanley describes the show as hilarious.

It’s all about Christa and me…a gal from the Shire,”

We cover everything from Botox, beauty, booze and with a massive dose of laughter.”

We hatched a plan to film a TV pilot – something funny, refreshing and real,”

My Fabulous Life dives into the lives of the cast, focusing mostly on Christa Billich, who some would say is very ‘Double Bay’ Christa carries her beloved chihuahua poochie Charlie Billich (who has an instagram following larger than most celebrities) in Louis Vuitton bags worth $8000, where as Krissy is just a shire gal who loves a bit of Best & Less, Kmart and fake knockoffs.

We do botox, go shopping, drink champagne – constantly and never stop laughing.”

In the shows final scene a group of Drag Queen’s from Sydney turn Christa and Krissy into Drag Illuminati.

The cast has been filming for the past five weeks, wrapping up this weekend.

The film will then be edited and pitched to Netflix and Stan.


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