A fantastic new menswear trend has crop topped upat ASOS, It’s almost summer, it will be hot and humid and you know you want to wear as little as possible.

For women, that means (pretty much whatever the fuck they want) crop tops, minis, swimwear as outerwear and floaty maxis becoming a staple in their wardrobe.

For men, We have short shorts, t-shirts and thongs. But times are changing and a new alternative has become available.

ASOS has started selling a reclaimed vintage-inspired cropped vest. but it’s now SOLD OUT.. In simpler terms, it’s a very short crop top for men. So short that the £10 garment only just covers the model’s nipples. (oh my, wont anyone think about the children?!)

SIDE NOTE: The Fresh Prince of BelAir was the first to fashion a Men’s Crop Top – pretty sure Will Smith turned me gay (well Gayer) on the spot, that or finally realising I wasn’t lusting after Ariel from The Little Mermaid but rather Prince Eric – Yes Thank you very much Disney – my Prince Charming is a fucking a cartoon character…

Will Smith Crop Top Fresh Prince Of BelAir

The style is very similar to the DIY cropped silhouette made popular by Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid last year. (buy a 2nd hand T Shirt, rip it just under your tits – wow mind blowing, get the fuck out of here.)

But don’t you fear Queers, I stumbled across possibly an even GAYER Summer go-to, a Men’s Safari Sateen Romper Suit!

ASOS Romper Suit in Safari SateenASOS Romper Suit in Safari Sateen Front

and if ASOS couldn’t explode with any more GAYNESS, I’d like to introduce the Men’s Titty Tassle Ripped cut of T

I mean c’mon you’d be stupid not to buy it.

ASOS tassles cut off MENASOS tassles cut off with White Denmin Shorts

Unsurprisingly, these men’s garments have caused a stir on social media, and whilst many responses are rather over dramatic, stating “stop the world I want to get off” and “the world is officially ending”.

Most have seen the funny side, also giving a friendly reminder that the trend does date back to the ’80s and ’90s when Prince and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air sported the cropped style. – BOOM.

And, some men (straight men – because all gay men have worn a crop top in their life, yes don’t lie), well, they’ve taken things one step further by testing the crop top out…

Were men having FOMO about crop tops? We doubt it but, hey, at least now they have the option.(@ASOS I’d like Masculine High Heels next, that would be really fun lol )


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