Designers have revamped The ‘Golden Girls’ home interior, which was originally used on the Hit TV Show for almost 90% of the scenes.


golden girls house teaser

It’s been more than 30 years since The Golden Girls debuted on NBC, but fans still obsess over the characters, the jokes and, yes, even the home décor. Now Modsy, an interior design service, has re-imagined the iconic Miami Golden Girls house for 2018, adding some fresh touches while keeping its tropical pastel vibe intact.

golden girls house

Modsy’s designers opted to skip the lanai on the Golden Girls house. The Golden Girls had a very dedicated color palate, and sometimes the characters’ outfits even matched the wallpaper and furniture. Modsy kept the bamboo, pastels and palm fronds in the living room (including a palm tree–shaped lamp courtesy of CB2), but made it a bit brighter and airier than the original, with more modern silhouettes.

Golden Girls House

Modsy gave the living room in The Golden Girls house a modern makeover “We really wanted this space to feel lived in and to represent all the good times the Golden Girls spent around the table,” Modsy style director Alessandra Wood told Real Simple. “We had to give a nod to the series and the ladies’ favorite things by adding a cigar box, Dorothy’s wedding photo and a gift-wrapped present with their theme song, ‘Thank You for Being a Friend.’”

Wood’s team used a lighter touch in the kitchen, figuring a full renovation would be too taxing on four ladies who loved to dish cheesecake (and gossip).

gay golden girls house

Modsy did add a woven storage cabinet from Caledonia and a brighter leaf-print wallpaper, as well as a vintage-inspired Smeg refrigerator to bring even more green hues to the room.

Golden Girls House Kitchen

“Chinese Chippendale chairs are definitely back in style, so we opted to keep that look,” says Wood. “For super fans, you’ll remember that copper and chinoiserie was a big theme in the original space, so we had to sprinkle that into the cookware, dinnerware and wall decor. You can also find some cheesecake and pizza!”

Golden Girls HouseBlanche Devereaux did her best work in her boudoir, so the designers went all-out in her bedroom: They punched up the palm frond wallpaper a bit, and adjusted the cotton-candy accents to hew closer to Millennial Pink.

Golden Girls House

Wood calls the eye-catching bed “our absolute favorite piece in the room.” The whole layout, and where you can buy the pieces are available on the Modsy website.

But don’t be fooled into thinking The Golden Girls actually lived in Miami

GG house actually in LA not Miami

They lived in L.A. – The exterior shots were taken outside 245 North Saltair Avenue in Los Angeles.


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