Judge Judith Sheindlin is the star of American Family Court reality TV show, Judge Judy. For 20 years Judge Judy earned her title as “Court Show Queen” with her no-nonsense personality and quick come-backs. Not just a TV show either, Judge Judy is almost 75 years old and passed the bar in 1965. She knows her stuff, and she DGAF about you or your hand.

ebaumsworldMan Claims Woman Kidnapped his Dog.

The Plaintiff, Marcus claimed that Veronica, the defendant, had his lost dog – but did not want to return it.


According to Veronica, she bought the dog from a stranger for $40 and claimed the dog was hers since the dog had been with her family for five months.


After claims from both parties that the dog was theirs including photos and vet bills, Judge Judy decided to bring the dog into the courtroom and let the dog decide.


Judge Judy is a no-nonsense kinda woman and wants her rulings to be quick and succinct. Get the Dog!

Even before touching the ground, the dog was eagerly awaiting to see his first owner.

After wriggling in the defendant’s friend’s arms, Judge Judy told her to set the dog down. But the dog took no moment to rest and ran straight to Marcus.


And that, ladies and gentlemen is exactly why the below video went viral. Because what’s not to like? The dog was allegedly missing for 7 months and still remembered Marcus.


Marcus was moved to tears and the dog spent the next 20 seconds hopping around hoping to be picked up. All the while the defendant claimed that the dog “did that to everyone.”


Judge Judy gave Marcus permission to hold his dog while mouthing to Veronica that, “it’s his dog.” It only took the dog’s mere excitement to get the truth out!

Marcus was reunited with his “Baby Boy” who he claimed was like his child. According to the show, Marcus contacted Veronica to return the dog seven months prior, but she refused.

Veronica claimed that she bought the dog from someone who said that she had a Pit Bull who wanted to eat the little dog. So, Veronica bought the dog for $40 for her mother.

Tears came from both parties as Veronica was already attached to the dog. Even though Marcus reached out to her before claiming the dog was indeed his.


But we all know Judge Judy doesn’t need a dog video to prove her realness – she’s already been crowned the best bad ass Judge on TV.

fuckyeahjudgejudyHer day doesn’t stop at dogs and diva’s, she still has ‘little hands‘ to juggle ( No. just Noooooo) There’s nothing better then binge watching Judge Judy, mostly because the Claimant and Defendants are real people in a real court being filmed. Nothing makes you feel better about yourself than watching really fucked up Americans. heckyeahreactiongifs

 Judge Judy watching “questionable evidence” – Motel Sexy Time


Bianca Del Rio from Ru-Paul’s Drag Race pulled off a perfect impression of her favourite TV Judge on “Snatch Game”.


Judge Judy will never go without, thanks to the American population – She’s fucking LOADED and she really DGAF.

Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever.” – Judge Judy


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