Murphy Brown is back, but one man who won’t be thrilled about its return is President Donald Trump.

The hit show, which first premiered 30 years ago, is set to return to our TV screens on September 27. Following the travails of the opinionated investigative journalist Murphy Brown played by Candice Bergen, the show will see the titular character come out of retirement to host a show called Murphy in the Morning on a cable news network. She will be joined by original castmates Joe Regalbuto, as investigative journalist Frank Fontana; Faith Ford, as lifestyle reporter Corky Sherwood; and Grant Shaud as Producer Miles Silverberg, as reported by Oregon Live

murphy brown original cast

What made the original show such a hit in its heyday was how it went about reflecting contemporary American life and media with political sharpness and social astuteness, and it would be a difficult task for Murphy Brown to repeat its exploits when the country has Donald Trump at its helm, with all previously held political precedents thrown out of the window. Add to that the emergence of social media in today’s culture, one wonders if the show’s creators could once again recapture the imagination of the American society.

murphy brown original cast


One way, it seems, that the character of Brown and her castmates are going to get straight into the nitty-gritty of the political scene is by including jabs on Donald Trump and his administration by the plentiful. As reported by Vanity Fair nothing belonging to the Trump world is immune from mockery and scathing witticism in Murphy Brown, unlike, say, Roseanne, which seemed to get caught between sincere comedy and political propaganda.

In fact, the first episode of the revival, titled “Fake News” sees Murphy getting her band together as Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States. Unbeknownst to her however, her son Avery, played by Jake McDorman, is also gearing up to host a show on TV, one which espouses the opposite of Brown’s views on a conservative network called the “Wolf Network.”

In the following episodes, no one is spared. Murphy reportedly gets into a Twitter brawl with Trump, while Sarah Huckabee Sanders is also a character in the show, with a lot of attention on the role of the journalist in the modern White House press room. People like Ivanka Trump are regularly referred to, and as per reports it appears the show has been expressly created to infuriate the living daylights out of President Trump. Diane English admitted as much to the Hollywood Reporter

So expect everything topical in Murphy Brown’s reboot, from the several jabs at Trump and his aides to the state of current TV media to the response on the Me Too movement. It seems no one will be spared, not least the president.


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