If you asked 100 people if they knew who Joseph Baena was, possibly 5 would know of him as the love child of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has been seen with his dad from time to time, but in general has managed to avoid the public eye. Joseph kept his mother’s name of Baena, which helped add to his privacy.(obviously)

Keeping you up-to-date with the less salacious ongoing’s of Mr Baena’s life, here are 10 Things You May Not Know.

1. He has his Dad’s genitals Genetics.

Unless you are blind you can clearly see Joseph is Arnold’s son, what I’m also pointing out here is that he has his dad’s very significant muscular build. I presume he has been hitting the gym and working out since these things don’t grow by themselves…(well he is half German, bet there’s a lot growing down there). The next Mr. Olympia? Let’s bloody hope so!

joseph baena

2. Had a great relationship with his Dad for years.

Love Children generally find themselves very hidden as parents, especially celebrity parents are more concerned about their own damaged reputation. Despite the lack of media attention on this father and son situation, Arnold took Joseph to Germany for his 19th birthday to celebrate Oktoberfest. Arnie also called him his “favourite workout partner“.

Joseph baena identical to Arnold S

3. Joe has dipped his toes into Acting.

IMDB have him credited for both being an actor and for a creator of visual effects. His movie credits include Wapakman in 2009, Aswang in 2011 and Shake Rattle and Roll Fourteen: The Invasion in 2012. Since those early credits he has faded away from the Hollywood scene, which is a shame. Fingers Crossed – he’ll be back.

4. Joseph B is a Philanthropist.

Show me the Money

Seems strange (he’s got all this money) given the fact the relationship between father and son is still very fresh (I imagine this would just be years of Hush money?), but as a freshman at Pepperdine University in Malibu he was awarded the freshman Student Honor of Philanthropy. Part of this is because he comes from humble beginnings and continues to be humble despite having a C-grade celebrity dad.

5. Arnold never saw Joe until he was 5.

Apparently the reason for this absent father event had nothing to do with Arnold but everything to do with the failure of his mom Mildred. She simply just forgot waited until he looked like his dad to tell Arnie he was the baby daddy. Later in life though, Joseph definitely has an interest in wanting to know his father better.

joseph baena 6 years old

6. Business Administration is Joe’s major at College.

Not sure if this is where his future is headed, when TMZ caught up with him and asked about his future plans in acting he said he really didn’t know. Ask most 20-somethings what their future plans are and you will likely find them going in a different direction in a few years. Given the fact that Joseph has already dabbled in acting there’s an attraction to it. (If I was Joseph B I’d just say “Future? Who Cares? I’ll be living off guilt money for the rest of my life – cha-ching!$$“)

7. He’s dating Savannah Wix. (I know bummer, he’s not gay)

joseph baena savannah wix

Samantha Wix is also studying a major in Business, Joe says she has a much more focused discipline than him. The couple are both right up there in the looks department. They have been seen hanging out together for about a year but like any couple dating through college – their future remains uncertain.

8. He looks identical to his Dad, unlike Arnie’s other two sons.

Joseph Baena Shopping

It’s very odd and I suppose part of the comparison is based on the fact that Joseph is very committed to the gym. But given the science of genetics it would seem that it’s possible Mildred Baena looks more like Arnold than his ex-wife Maria Schriever. Is Arnold definitely the real father of his other two sons? One being Christopher Schwarzenegger below.

chistopher schwarzenegger


9. Joseph starred in a remake of ‘Terminator 2’ for an indie company.

Baena was the star of a two minute short film with the classic “Bad to the Bone” song playing in the background. The scene he plays is where the Terminator walks out of the bar, snatches the rifle from the biker, steals the motorcycle and wears the iconic shades that end up defining the T2 movie.

joseph baena indy film

10. Birth Certificate was never signed by his Mother.

There were issue’s of fraud regarding his mother’s claim as to who the father of Joseph was as she never signed his Birth Certificate. She suspected Arnold was the father, but according to the neighbours there was another man living at her house as well. When the truth about who Joseph’s father really was (DNA Testing), there was also concern about the effect it would have on Joseph and his mental health.

Well if this is the effect, looks like everything turned out massive package peachy for this ‘Love Child’ 


joseph baena gym


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