Recently Gay Daily reported that The Real Housewives of Melbourne would be returning for a 5th Season, however once again it seems Janet Roach from The Real Housewives of Melbourne has been drinking fibbing, now anyone who watches Housewives of Melbourne will know that Janet likes to stir the Viagra pot, especially if it’s after 6pm party and wine time then she’ll pretty much say or do anything. Janet Roach recently posted on instagram, responding to one of her 76 followers confirming a 5th season was going ahead for The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

That was 2 weeks ago, fast forward to now and Pedestrian TV and the Daily Mail have been hinting that Janet Roach will be among the C and D Grade Celebrities entering the jungle for ‘I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here. Janet would be the second Real Housewives cast member to enter the Jungle, Jackie Gilles was a fan favourite in this years I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here. This is also not the first time Janet Roach has been asked to be on the show, way back in 2015 Janet and Gamble Breaux wore both approached to be on the show as per this article in the Daily Telegraph. So if this is correct (which I’m 99% certain it is) this means contractually Janet would not be allowed to film The Real Housewives of Melbourne (production was apparently meant to start in Jan 2019) and ‘I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here‘ (which has a confirmed production start date of Feb 2019) It would also be extremely difficult considering one is filmed in Melbourne Australia and the other in the South African Jungle – mind you, Janet is a 768 year old vampire, who knows what tricky shit she get’s up to.

Insider reports have stated that Foxtel is losing revenue and not making profit on advertising due to numerous competitors in the streaming TV market, such as Netflix. Foxtel instead is focusing their budget on already pre produced programs (i.e shows that they just buy from America) and Sport, a whole lot of Foxtel money is being invested into Live Sporting Events – I mean that’s great, if Foxtel wants to be the next Tumblr #fail

Sources close to production and crew have said that this has been well known at Foxtel since April 2018. We have all been fooled, and by Janet – oh the shame..Foxtel’s website really says it all, SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS and MORE SPORT. There are Real Housewives on ARENA – but they are the American Real Housewives… and then there is a whole lot of crap. There have been no updates on The Real Housewives of Melbourne Facebook page (this is the time when they would normally start the teaser Ads on Foxtel – also the time when I would have a vague idea of the plot) No @RHOMelbourne Tweets, No media, Nothing in the Newspapers and No PR – nothing.

This is because The Real Housewives of Melbourne, and I am sorry to tell you this – is not returning for Season 5. Well not with the current management at Foxtel and the lack of advertising and revenue in general being made. Foxtel simply can not afford the cost of production for a 5th Season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. If you like boring shit sport fantastic, If you liked The Real Housewives of Melbourne – unfortunately you may be waiting for over a year to see them back on Arena and Foxtel on Sunday nights. That is of course, if they ever come back at all. Just like everyone else in life one year is a long time, some may still be available (Janet) but I’m sure the rest will have moved on.

As some of you may be aware I own The Real Housewives of Melbourne memes page (previously known as the Gina Liano memes page) on Facebook. I get a lot (and I’m talking at least 3 a day) questions from people all over the world about the Housewives of Melbourne, to be honest I’ve never answered any not even one. But if The Real Housewives of Melbourne is really finishing up then I see no point in keeping the Real housewives of Melbourne memes page active – it’s just free PR really. So after this post I will leave it active for 2 weeks then ‘DELETE’ (and no not like I have said I would in the past then pop my head up again 4 months later lol) actually Facebook is great now, when you delete something it’s gonnnnnnnnne, really gone. So because it will be no more, I reached out to the most active followers (you can see all this shit in the back-end) I chose the top 10 most interactive fans on the memes page, I asked them “If you could ask any question about the housewives of Melbourne what would it be?” Whether that be about the Real Housewives of Melbourne themselves or unanswered questions – i.e that mystery rumour…. everyone came back with about 15 questions each lol, I chose one of each and you can see the questions and answers in the link below – some may surprise you. 🙂

The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Your Questions – Finally Answered!

In a way I think this is a good thing for all the woman on The Real Housewives of Melbourne, take a long break, reflect on their lives and where they are going in the future, possibly change a few or a lot of things and realise at the end of the day that’s what they were – entertainment – not royalty, VIP’s or God. Everyone is replaceable and in 3 weeks people will have moved onto the ‘new shiny thing’. No one’s sitting up all night thinking about it.

I’ll miss Lydia Schiavello not being able to communicate in any form of human language, Pettifleur Berenger’s 9 Balconies (but no Bentley) her two Butt Cracks and her resting bitch face sister, I’ll miss Chyka Keebaugh and her Parrot earrings, Janet Roach the Vampire, her Chinese long haired dogs and her brutal honesty plus constant open mouth. I’ll miss Gina Liano‘s cut throat sense of humour and the fact she’s just very matter of fact, factual, Jackie Gilles vibin vibes, facial expressions plus her fair dinkim Newcastle angels. Ben Gilles the Mystery Drummer from Silver Chair and his Greasy hair (FYI dry shampoo $4 at Priceline, Benjamin..) Venus Behbahani the Persian Lordess with the mostess and her different weaves hair styles in every episode. I’ll miss Gamble Breaux-Wolfe, Rick Wolfe and Luke Wolfe , such a nice family and I’ll definitely miss Gambles randomness. Susie Mclean (who cares), Sally Bloomfield (already forgotten) Patrick the Hairdresser, Chris the Cake Maker, Carlos and his Warthog, Leena and her Donkey’s, Figaro and his Farts, Andrea Moss and that floppy hat walk and of course JOHANNA! Thank you all for the laughs, you made not only my Sunday nights but I’m sure a lot of other peoples very enjoyable. Manuela (surname escapes me) and Lisa Tonkin < sorry we never saw more of you full time, you both would have been very entertaining to watch.

It’s a sad day to see RHOMelbourne END and say goodbye, but life goes on and so will the Real Housewives of Melbourne, one day, just not one day anytime soon.

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> The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Your Questions – Finally Answered! <

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