DailyMail recently reported

Kate Fischer (Tziporah Malkah) had a new boyfriend and lover – “totally in love

Pretty sure Tziporah already knows her new Lover is actually a Lover of Men.. but i’m glad to see she’s fucking with the media’s heads already!  – DailyMail article continues below lol.

Kate Fischer rose to fame as a model in the 1990’s, while on the arm of her billionaire ex-boyfriend James Packer.

But Tziporah Malkah, formerly known as Kate Fischer, proved she’s only got eyes for her new beau Justin, as the couple holidayed together in Noosa. Staying in the tourist mecca for a wedding, the couple acted like honeymooners while putting on a raunchy display with each other on a wharf.


Tziporah and Justin New BF in Byron Bay

Looking like homosexuals honeymooners! Tziporah Malkah (left) –

SIDE NOTE: “left”? what just in case we confused Kate for the inflatable pool toy she’s doing the spread eagle on?

– flaunted her cleavage in a polka dot swimsuit as she put on a raunchy display with her boyfriend Justin in Noosa on Friday

Casually sipping (lol no one casually sips) from wine glasses, the new couple were clearly enjoying their idyllic getaway while relaxing with each other.

The duo proved they weren’t shy as they passionately packed on the PDA by the water.

At times, the lovebirds put on a quirky display, with Justin leaning over the brunette bombshell as she reclined on an inflatable beach ball. (he was probably trying to get his wine sipping glass back)

Tziporah, 44, roared with laughter, as Justin stuck his tongue out at her while the former model put her sun hat on her handsome beau.

Playful! The pair appeared to joke around with Tziporah’s hat after sipping from champagne glasses while on a wharf, at one point, Justin climbed atop the former model as she reclined on an inflatable ball (now he’s trying to get the bottle)

At other times, they both seemed DRUNK lost in conversation as Tziporah sipped (necked it) her wine glass and puffed on an unhealthy cigarette. (Did you test her cigarette DailyMail? How do you know it was unhealthy? Maybe it was one of those foul Herbal smokes? FYI – No one writes “puffed on a unhealthy cigarette” your clearly a non-smoker. Heads up next time write it like this “while smoking her cigarette” You guys must just churn out whatever they throw at you lol.

article continued – After the animated display, Tziporah and her handsome new man walked along the wooden wharf together. For the casual outing, Tziporah opted for a cleavage-baring polka dot swimsuit, flaunting her trim pins.

Smooching! Tziporah and her handsome beau nestled into each other as they enjoyed a steamy smooch together on the wharf

Smooching! Tziporah and her handsome beau nestled into each other as they enjoyed a steamy smooch (who the fuck says “Smooching”?) together on the wharf

Love is in the air! (it’s Sand Flies ) The pair looked very drunk cosy as they nestled into each other, the former model played with her beau’s short gay man hair.

Meanwhile, Justin showed off his own muscular physique in a pair of tight-fitting (all the Gayness in the world tight) Speedos.

As the afternoon wore off on, Tziporah needed to take a slash braved the chilly air with a stylish white linen shirt and a cane hat.

Her handsome beau looked striking in active-wear, wearing a tight-fitting blue singlet and a pair of grey shorts. (you’d hope so if he works in a Gym..)

Steamy! (that’s just Ocean Mist) Tziporah proved she’s only got eyes for hunky Justin as the pair got fucked up chatted while slurring sitting on the wharf

Showing some skin! Tziporah was only too happy to flaunt her new slimmed down figure, while Justin opted for a pair of snug-fitting GAY speedos

Look of love! ( < if that’s the look of love, you can have it back ) The couple got over it hot-and-heavy with each other, with the former model slinging an arm around her beau (home to bed, pissed as fuck)

Romantic! At times, the former model and her boyfriend entered into a steamy lip lock together as they spent the afternoon relaxing

In the past few months, Tziporah has lost a whopping 19 kilograms which she has put down to a strict diet and exercise regimen including slow incremental changes. Tziporah recently told Sydney Confidential that her weight loss has made her feel better about herself.

Kiss me, Kate! At times, the former model and her boyfriend entered into a steamy lip lock as they spent the afternoon relaxing ( 6 bottles of wine later )

“Why can’t women be comfortable? I’m starting to look fabulous again”

She also explained to her Instagram fans in July that her older beau Justin, who joined her for the beach outing, has been instrumental in her dramatic weight loss. (generally that’s what Personal Trainers like Justin are paid to do..)

Tizporah and Justin were first snapped together in June, with the pair putting on a number of hot and heavy PDAs since. (more wine) That month, Tziporah – who was once engaged to 50-year-old billionaire James Packer – confirmed her new relationship in an interview with New Idea (good way to pay for those PT sessions)

The pair radiated confidence as they soaked up the sun together (radiated Malbro’s and Wine breath)

kate fischer having a smoke

She told the magazine: ‘We’ve just been having a great time. I enjoy spending time with someone else a little older than me.’ In recent weeks she has been seen working out at the gym, as she continues to focus on her fitness and health.
“I’m not going to be stupid about being 44 (years of age) and trying to lose a ton of weight in 3 months, like I could at 24”

Having a laugh! The pair were clearly in high spirits as they enjoyed each other’s company. Smooch! (big-gay-eye-roll) The pair, in Noosa for a friend’s wedding, were not afraid of entering into a steamy lip lock together on the wharf.

The only thing steamier than this ‘relationship’ or as wet as the DailyMail is the sauna and steam rooms full of gay men at the gym Justin works at…lol



PLUS – Kate has also been cast in a New Reality TV Show – My Fabulous Life, can’t bloody wait!


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