Everyone seems to have an opinion on Bert and Ernie’s sexual orientation, after a former Sesame Street writer, Mark Saltzman said he had patterned the pair’s behavior after his relationship with his male partner.

sesame street bert ernie

The show released a statement assuring everyone that the puppets are just ‘friends‘, and that they lack any sexual orientation. This despite Miss Piggy and Kermit’s relationship, and Oscar the Grouch and his girlfriend, Grundgetta.

Sesame Street, perhaps realising their hetero-normative hypocrisy, pulled their original statement and tweeted out another one, this time stressing that Bert and Ernie are just friends, but removing the part about puppets lacking sexual orientations.

Still, the debate rages on: Are Bert and Ernie Gay? Does anyone Care?

The YouTube series “Kids React” decided to see what the show’s target demographic (and some a bit older) would have to say about all this. Turns out, they are split as well.

bert and ernie sesame street

While some felt it was “kind of weird” to attribute sexuality to puppets, another argued it is “important that we open up to different things.”

Yet another said it can be an opportunity for a lot of children to learn about same-sex couples in a positive way.

One thing that seemed to unify most of the kids, more than anything, was that adults are making too big of a deal out of the issue.

“They’re making a whole big thing out of a child’s show,” said one kid, shaking his head. “People these days.”

“Who cares?” he continued. “You need to care about the law, people! Care about the Government!”

Watch them sound off below.



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