1. Holding hands.

2. Holding hands in the day time.

3. Holding hands after a night out.

Gay couple Thai holding hands

4. Holding hands at a park.

5. Holding hands at a bar.

6. Holding hands while “walking, just laughing and talking to each other.”

7. Holding hands at gay pride events.

8. Holding hands after seeing a movie.

9. Holding hands on the way home from a friend’s party.

10. Holding hands at a soccer game.

11. Holding hands while on Holidays.

12. Holding hands in the neighbourhood they live in.

gay couple attacked

13. Holding hands in Jamaica.

14. Holding hands surrounded by 50 people in the middle of New York City.

15. Holding hands just even once….. <

A 2018 survey found 2/3 of gay people are still scared to hold their partners hand in public.

This post isn’t supposed to discourage gay people from holding hands...
Don’t forget you can be the juiciest apple on the tree, but some c#nt will always hate apples.

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