1. Walking fast

2. Not sitting in chairs properly

3. Standing like this

4. Forgetting people’s names

And know which episode of RPDR this screencap is from.

5. Helping your mum and aunty clean up after dinner

6. Doing this at family events, actually any event

7. Shortening your name as much as possible

8. Hating Andy’s boyfriend and friends

9. Stalking in the Activity feed on Instagram

10. Avoiding this question

11. Knowing they chose the wrong lead song

12. Identifying with Ursula instead of Ariel

13. Communicating telepathically with other gays

14. Ignoring the weather when getting dressed

15. And always rolling up your t-shirt sleeves

16. Having a gay auto-correct

17. Always the bridesmaid never the bride.

18. Choosing Princess Peach

19. Praying for this anytime you fly

20. Always being shirtless even at baby showers

21. Knowing where to look on Wikipedia

22. Counting in threes

23. Awkward ‘side-eye’ in PE health class

24. The Shady Grindr burn

25. Anyone that is still clueless

26. Is she just being nice or flirting?

27. No invite, straight people are confused.

28. Making up new words, because we can.

29. Checking out a guy with a nice bum, but when he turns around has breasts.

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