ACON is it only available for those of us who identify as LGBTQI?

I mean it’s not called AGCON ( Aids Gay Council of NSW ) it’s ACON ( Aids Council of NSW ) and it should be for everyone and anyone who needs help with HIV. > HIV Increase in Australian Heterosexuals  <

$$$$ – How much does ACON receive PA? $27 MILLION in 2018…….. w-t-f ?!


The Australian Charities and Not For Profit Commission financial overview for ACON is interesting to say the least  >> ACON’s 2018 Financial report <<
$10 Million spent on 131 employee salaries = 78k average per employee. 
$5 million from fundraising activities including The Red Ribbon Appeal – I wonder if the people donating understood that the money they donated was actually for ACON’s daily operating activities?
$6.8 Million on Campaigns and Education… can I please get a detailed report of WHERE that money was spent?

From my research very little of the federal governments funding, ACON’s membership fee’s and charity donations are going back into the LGBTQI communityThis is extremely concerning and disappointing as there are so many LGBTQI people in Australia who need help, whether that be with HIV or not. The Aids Council of NSW seems to be more interested in corporate than community.

You’ll see mostly glowing reports about ACON ( and yes of course they have played an important part in decreasing HIV in Australia ) Gay Media companies like the Star Observer seem to be ACON’s biggest fan, why’s that you ask? Because they are being paid by ACON – I imagine the Sydney Star Observer is receiving a large chunk of that $6.8 Million on Campaigns and Education. Similar accounts about ACON have already been well documented and reported along with the now defunct and shameful Evo Media / Evolution Publishing who once owned SX News LOTL Magazine QNews Magazine Blaze MCV (Melbourne Community Voice) by journalist Serkan Ozturk, someone who is not afraid to speak out about corporate scams.

Read more from Serkan Ozturk about Evo Media and ACON corporate scams on New Crimes Weekly <<

Anyone that is lucky enough to know me…. lol, will know that I will fight until the death if I know something is wrong and that true justice must be served, well let me tell you – something is very wrong. I have too much respect for the LGBTQI community in Australia – I won’t stop or be bought, please give your dirty money $$$$ back to the LGBTQI community in Australia who deserve it – STOP the greed.

More research about ACON’s finances and spending will soon be posted on  Do you have more information? Please feel free to contact me directly – [email protected] ( confidentiality guaranteed x )


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