Clementine Ford’s new book is a Plagiarised Copy of Award Winning and Esteemed Authour, Dr Myriam Miedzian’s – ‘Boys will be Boys’ originally written in 1991 and re-released in 2002

boys will be boys Myriam Miedzian

My mum taught me three valuable life lessons >

“If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything”

“Don’t be bitter, be better”

“What other people say or think of you is absoloutley none of your business”

She is also a mother who struggled to raise two young boys on her own, a mother who gave up her life so my brother and I could have the best in our life, she taught us honesty, morals, values, manners and respect. My mother by the way is a feminist, a feminist and a realist I respect and love all the way to the moon and back.

Boys will be Boys – ‘cut and past’ by Clementine Ford.

My Thoughts on Clementine Ford’s, Boys will be Boys.

“Readers should be advised that this book contains detailed references to homophobia, transphobia” Ms Ford I do not represent the LGBTQI community in Australia but I would ask that you discontinue using our community as your scape goat. I have fantastic relationships with my straight male freinds and I have never witnessed or experienced any homophobic behaviour from them or any straight men in general. There is no ‘toxic masculinity boys club‘ you speak of (it’s in your head), the so called ‘clubs’ I am included in, involve women, men, lesbians and gay men – we are accepting of each other and believe in true and fair equality, not ‘backward feminism‘ as you continue to preach. The only homophobic and bullying behaviour I have ever expereinced in my life has been from a woman, a woman who is a fan of yours – go figure.

“As the mother of a boy, I don’t believe that he’s incapable of controlling his impulses or distinguishing between right and wrong. And as a citizen of the world, I don’t accept that this is the best we can offer to boys and men. Why is the perceived freedom of boys to exert their power over space, bodies and society considered so much more important than the dignity and humanity of those harmed in this process, including the boys and men unable or unwilling to collude in this power The unapologetic, unselfconscious desire for affection and tenderness that pours out of little boys is not a gift given to them by nature to be enjoyed briefly before receding against the grain of their growing limbs. Society forces this tenderness out of boys in the same way it punishes forthrightness in girls, rebranding them as ‘sissy’ and ‘bossy’ respectively.”  Please stop blaming society (everyone else) for a problem that you personally have with the world, with men. As a mother you have a choice on how you raise your children, the final result is just a mirror image of you.

“Very few people seem to worry about boyhood, because it’s far easier to frame the real concern as lying with their counterparts (who are always seen as the reflection of boys, rather than individuals in their own right).”  < This makes no sense at all, please go back and read your not yours books previous two pages. As a parent you take full responsibility of the upbringing of your child, at least for the first 16 – 18 years of their life. Yes of course outside influences play a very small part – but if your son turns out to be like the “ALL MEN MUST DIE” you so frequently tweet about, this Clementine Ford is because of one person and one person only – you.

What you haven’t copied or stolen from Boys will be Boys’ original Author, Dr Myriam Miedzian you have basically just rewritten into your own messy memoir, a toxic hateful memoir of fake and backward feminisim. Numerous sources have stated that your use of this term ‘feminism’ was simply a marketing tactic, to give yourself a platform and then latch onto anything negative towards men that would help you get more followers and likes on social media – and it worked (kind of) You may be ‘deeply concerened’ about men’s behaviour because you copied that, but here is a very sad truth, it starts at home – raise your son with morals and values and he wont attack or disrespect woman –  but if continue to be a negative and destructive voice against all men in your books and on social media, then your son will mimick this hateful and negative attitutude towards the world and likely with out realising it, he will then become a victim of his own enviornment  (maybe that can be the title of your next book?) he will become a victim of your envinorment > this then falls on you Ms Ford.

I also found it interesting the parts of Dr Myriam Miedzian’s Boys will Boys that you accidently on purpose left out of your plagiarised version.. the chapter regarding biological traits? Oh no that can’t be right because there is no father figure in your current life set up which would mean if anything did happen than thats your fault, so you cut that out as you are never to blame. You also cut out a whole chapter on the extensive study and research that looks into the positive role of having a male father figure in a childs life (or any other figure), that is caring and loving (not constantly being negative towards men or woman) and what profund affect this can have on a young boy, why? because it doesn’t fit in with your OWN life story > The Clementine Ford Show. You have also left out numerous chapters and the most important aspect that DR Myriam Miedzian had written about, the possible soloutions and outcomes on all of her theories and years of study and research, why? because you have no interest in actually solving these problems, you can only point your twitter finger as that’s all you know how to do, and are qualified to do (I find it concerning a publishing company like Allen and Unwin have allowed you to copy write a book of this intellegence and expertise when you have none, just inserting your negative views like it’s gospel – you’re not God, if anything you’re one of the goats. Ms Ford, this sums up the unfortunate series of events that led to your termination or decided to quit Fairfax Media, you care for no one, only yourself.

Ms Ford has some Serious Double Standards, Surprise…

Two years ago the exact same scenario happened to a man who called you a ‘slut’ on facebook – you then went and notified his place of employment and he was fired which of course you posted on social media to bath in that ‘victim’ lime light, you even responded with this > 

“Perhaps Michael will think twice next time before using his social media account to call a woman ‘slut’ these men have rarely ever faced consequences for their actions, but that’s starting to change, to anyone who suggests I have caused a man to lose his job, I’d like to say this: No. He is responsible for his actions. He is responsible for the things he writes and the attitudes he holds.” 

Clementine Ford you are responsible for your own actions. You are responsible for the things you write and the attitudes you hold. #bakwardfeminism

clementine ford white men

I may not love our current Prime Minister Scott Morrison (bring back Bob Hawke) but I respect him, he’s the current leader of our country – not The Clementine Ford Show (by the way, there will never be a show) if I worked at Fairfax Media as a journalist blogger it would be common sense not to go on social media and call anyone a fucking disgrace (get a really big diary – keep that shit to yourself) but of course you needed that validation, hmmmm who will be my next target? great he’ll do. Tweeting that Scott Morrison is a “fucking disgrace” is extremelly unprofesional, whether you put fucking or c#nt before it is irrelavant – it should never have happened. Again please don’t use the LGBTQI community as your scape goat by saying 3 months later it was in response to a ‘transphobic’ tweet from the Prime Minister, it was a random tweet by itself and had nothing to do with his tweet. The Gay community already has the Government doing this, we don’t need or want the drama and can perfectly look after ourselves. The LGBTQI community wants to move foward not backwards. You do not represent us.

“Domestic Labour, A Woman’s Place, you say how gendered division of housework and childcare informs assumptions about adult roles. In a claim you hope will be quoted by many “Angry Internet Men” you propose that Heterosexual Women are better placed living alone and inviting men “into our houses as guests occasionally”. Attn: once you get to this part in the book – BIN IT. I am seriously concerened and at the same time I feel extremelly sorry for you, you are projecting a very lonely childhood deprived of affection and love from your parents – especially your father. No Child should ever suffer like this Ms Ford, not even you. Yet you are activley telling women to leave their husbands or partners or not even bother with having another adult figure in a childs life at all – but not because you have years of research, study insights or any qualifications in this particular field of parenting, but because YOU are in this current situation. The Clementine Ford Show.

> “Hetrosexual Woman”? < one thing (out of about 744) you probably should have done was some well thought out research, research into the community you keep using as your scape goat – the LGBTQI community. What about homosexual woman? clearly you have views on this but you haven’t written it – how convinient. Lesbians just like gay men also expereince Domestic and Family violence and in a recent study 90% of Lesbians in a de facto relationship have expereinced some form of abuse or violence, verbal, phycial or mental abuse. Removing the male figure in a childs life does not make it a ‘better option‘ either does having two woman or two men, it can still enable the same violent tendancies just as with one single negative parent or a straight couple. > “inviting men into our houses occasionally” < Did I really just read that? Ms Ford you are sending out the wrong message not only to your younger female readers but also to men and to your son, a child should have as many supporting parents and people in the early stages of their life, not just some random men (mary magdalene) – you chose Ms Ford to be a single parent and that’s fine, but don’t deprive other children of a loving family realtionship because you dont have or want this.

clementine ford evil man hater

“Short of raising a child in the wilderness, far from an internet connection, television signal or cinema complex, children are inducted into gender norms by the popular culture they consume. In your chapter about Girls of Film, you reflect on the experience of a 1980s childhood in which the blockbuster films for young people all required girl viewers to imagine themselves in the place of active male heroes.” Maybe your parents had one of those special TV’s that blocked certain channels meaning you could only watch Monkey Magic and A Country Practice (that would definitely fuck with your head) a quick google (don’t copy it though.. silly duffa) 26 Bad Ass Women in 1980 lead movie roles You’re stereotyping gender socialisation with TV. I know four cartoons that currently have Gay, Lesbian – Women or Men – Trees’s and Dog’s as the main character or Super Hero – so unless your argument is that a boy may be violent because he wants to be a tree or a purple dog… (< see how ridiculous that sounds?) TV can not change other certain aspects of a child (like a childs sexuality and neither can you) as a parent you have to teach your children right from wrong – you Ms Ford and only you have to teach your son how to respect woman. You are very quick to jump off into toxic men abusing the ‘transgender’ community and men not understanding or lacking empathy, but reading how you have butchered the orginal book Boys will be Boys by Dr Myriam Miedzian – it seems you are just a feminist fraud, you lack that very empathy you demand so much from men and scribble negativley about. The only empathy you have Ms Ford is for yourself.

“women do not need a directive to “look for the goodness in men, because we try our damnedest to find it every day”. ah, bull-fucking-shit no you don’t at all. You write or did write while you were still employed by Fairfax Media articles blogs and twitter posts with one main objective – to provoke men – it’s bully mentality – once you get your validation from men responding (bully) you then win and this is clearly obvious because you continue to keep responding negatively against them until either you win again or you start sharing all their messages to fuel the fire of hate towards them – no one likes a sore loser Clementine. “Bullying your Victims” with comments and tweets such as “ALL MEN MUST DIE” – “who hasn’t had a day dream about going on a rampage and wiping out a third of the male population, AMIRITE? No you’re not ‘rite’ you’re just an asshole. Imagine if a man wrote that about a woman? I honestly don’t think a man ever would, but it is perfectly acceptable because you’re a ‘feminist’ – Total Bullshit. If you’re a real feminist then I’m Gandhi, the Whale from Free Willy and one of the three sisters at The Blue Mountains.
There is no ‘goodness’ here at all Ms Ford, just pure hate, all I see is a very troubled woman, a woman with an uphappy childhood and an unhealthy relationship with men, a woman who should not be advising or selling plagiarised books for a quick buck. 

Ms Ford’s closing chapter, disgustingly lists the names of more than 50 famous men who have been publicly accused of sexual assault and their alleged criminal acts. Ms Ford have all of these 50 men been convincited of their sexual assualt crime? The answer is NO. Why put 50 “famous” men, why not 100 “random men in jail?” Page filler? I’d say 80% correct (seems to be a lot of those) and 20% pre empted backlash from the 50 men you have just publicly shamed forever and for the media attention that follows. From my own research Ms Ford, your research and statistics into male violence and men in general is quite often incorrect or extremely outdated.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics Report 2016 > Ms Ford, for the sake of Frank your son I suggest you study this ABS report carefully. *please note this ABS report is two years old.

    • Over 1 in 3 persons who experienced violence from an intimate partner were male (35.3%)
    • Almost 1 in 3 persons who experienced violence from a cohabiting partner were male (32.7%)
    • Almost 2 in 5 persons who experienced violence from a current partner were male (39.9%)
    • Over 1 in 3 persons who experienced violence from a boyfriend/girlfriend or date were male (34.3%)
    • Almost 1 in 5 persons who experienced violence from a previous partner were male (18.8%)
    • Almost half the persons who experienced violence from a known person were male (45.5%)
    • Almost half the persons who experienced emotional abuse by a partner were male (45.8%) (47.7% of persons who experienced it by a current partner and 43.4% by a previous partner)
    • Almost half of these males experienced anxiety or fear due to the emotional abuse (41.4% of males who experienced current partner abuse and 43.1% of males who experienced previous partner abuse)
    • 13.8% of men that experienced emotional abuse by a current partner had their partner deprive them of basic needs such as food, shelter, sleep, or assistive aids, compared to 6.4% of women.
    • 8.9% of men that experienced emotional abuse by a current partner had their partner threaten to take their child/ren away from them, compared to 4.6% of women.
    • 38.5% of men that experienced emotional abuse by a previous partner had their partner lie to their child/ren with the intent of turning them against them, compared to 25.1% of women.
    • 7.3% of men that experienced emotional abuse by a current partner had their partner lie to other family members or friends with the intent of turning them against them, compared to 6.6% of women.
    • 10.1% of men that experienced current partner emotional abuse had their current partner keep track of where they were and who they were with, compared to 9.9% of women.
    • Over 1 in 3 persons who experienced sexual harassment were male (34.0%). Most males who experienced sexual harrassment were harassed by a female perpetrator (72.2% were harassed by a female while 48.2% were harassed by a male)
    • The largest category of increase in sexual harassment between 2012 and 2016 was in males harassed by a female perpetrator, which rose by a massive 67.5%. Females harassed by a male perpetrator rose by 15% during the same period.
    • Over 1 in 3 persons who experienced stalking were male (35.0%). Most males who experienced stalking were stalked by a male perpetrator (68.9% were stalked by a male while 36.3% were stalked by a female).
    • Almost 1 in 3 persons who experienced sexual assault were male (28.4%). Most males who experienced sexual violence were assaulted or threatened by a female perpetrator (82.9%).
    • 6 per cent of all males experienced violence compared to 4.7% of all females.
    • The majority of men that experienced intimate partner violence experienced it by a female perpetrator (93.6%). The remainder were in same-sex relationships with male perpetrators.
    • Men were 2 to 3 times more likely than women to have never told anybody about experiencing partner violence, around 50% more likely than women to have never sought advice or support about experiencing partner violence, almost 20% more likely than women to have not contacted police about experiencing partner violence, and less than half as likely as women to have had a restraining order issued against the perpetrator of previous partner violence.


From 2015–16 to 2016–17 male offenders decreased by 2% (6,074 offenders) while female offenders increased by 2% (1,448 offenders). This was the fifth successive increase in female offenders.

More than one in four men (27% or 2.5 million) experienced violence by a stranger, compared to one in eleven women (9.4% or 880,800).

In 2017, suicide remained the leading cause of death of children between 5 and 17 years of age, with 98 deaths occurring in this age group. This represents a 10.1% increase in deaths from 2016. The age-specific rate of suicide in this age group was 2.4 per 100,000 in 2017, with the male rate of 2.9 substantially higher than the female rate of 1.9. 

clementine ford men must die

“Boys have no such thing as an inside voice, instead roaring where ever they go, Boys like Girls, they push them and pull their hair forcing them to do what they want” < When my niece was born for the first 2 years whenever she saw me she screamed at the top of her lungs, was always upset and compleltley self centred (I love her though as she is my niece) but Ms Ford your visisons of what happened to you as a child in kindigarten no longer happen. I have seen this with my own eyes. I also have a nephew he from the word go always wanted a hug, to talk and is always smiling – I took my nephew to the local park, he was playing by himself because three girls the same age as him (5) would not let him play with them, so he sat alone and played, until that was two of the girls started to fill a bucket with sand (I know exactly what young girls are like ) The girls mothers just sat there one metre away watching, couldn’t give a fuck. As I knew what was about to happen I filled my nephews bucket up with water, by the time they had poured half the sand on my nephews head laughing (including the mothers were laughing) I had dumped at least 5 litres of water on the three girls (if there mothers were not there, they would have all got a smack – the mothers first) I then through the bucket at the mothers grabbed my nephew who was crying and we walked off. Ms Ford – these little girls are growing into nasty, horrible , mean girls and it’s all because of you and your backward feminismist vigilanty of man haters.

clementine ford twitter

“One of the most frustrating modern retorts to any attempt to discuss gendered violence, discrimination and outright sexism is that “#NotAllMen” are responsible for these acts and attitudes – Men have rights Baloney” When you say ‘Men have rights Baloney‘ you’re saying your son Ms Ford is a joke and has no rights – you cool with that? tsk tsk the Super Nanny would not be impressed, you’d be sitting on that naughty step for the rest of eternity. #notallmen are men trying to stand by women, showing support but why would you then drag this through the toxic bitch mud like they are nothing, like men are worthless and do not deserve the same respect as you? That your Son Ms Ford is nothing more than a piece of garbage. Who do you think Ms Ford this paints a picture of? No, not a picture of Men or your son it paints a picture of you. ATTENTION – you’re painting the wrong picture. You’re not moving forward with feminism, equality and inclusion you’re moving backwards because moving forward for you is irrelevant (well actually I’m still not sure you ever were relavant) and ‘backward feminism’ is exactly where you want it to stay.

clementine ford tweets hater of men

You are happy to speak negatively about Asian and Aboriginal Men – and the men you say are the worst abusers are ‘White Privalleged Men‘…  once again these are events regarding your own personal life expereinces, no study or proper research has been done around this subject and you do not have the qualifications either way to make such statements. You’re sloppy ‘advice’ in no way helps other women or shows them the bigger picture or shows any soloution at all.

I am a gay, I am male and I am white. My mother and father raised me to respect woman (not men) no matter what, and I always have and always will regardless of my sexuality. Women, Men, the LGBTQI communtiy, different Ethnic heritages, all Ages, Looks, Social and Work Staus do not even enter my mind – everyone is treated with the same respect. Respect, Ms Ford is a two way street, not a one way street. Unfortuantley you have been drivng down that direspectful one way street for a long time, a street that’s now coming to a Dead End.

It’s time to move forward Ms Ford – together, not backwards alone. #respect #together #ruok #notallmen #notallwoman #oneinthree

*DR Myriam Miedzian the original Authour of Boys will be Boys, has been notified of this incident as has her publishing house.

If you are Male and are experiencing Domestic, Physical or Physiological Abuse or you would like more in depth information and research relating to this , please visit One in Three or Bettina Arndt > You are not alone.


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