DJ Lady Miss Kier from
’90s dance pop group Deee-Lite, has made it on her own.

Peforming at the 2012 Sydney Mardi Gras Party on March the 3rd she brought down the house with her alternative taste in music, playing Mardigrasland’s T.G.I Retro at Club Hi-Fi, followed by internationally acclaimed London DJs Horse Meat Disco.

“I am always happy to support my gay brothers and sisters by celebrating rare musical gems from artists who have also struggled by being pioneers,” Kier said.

“I’ve found it more important to share my opinion of what good music is and not follow the mediocre lame-stream artists that the old machine music industry promotes, or what the circuit parties play.”

With six number one hits on the US Billboard dance/club charts, Deee-Lite are still known and loved by Aussie fans for their ’60s-inspired number one single, Groove Is In The Heart. The track still fills an empty dancefloor more than two decades after its release.

And while Kier admits Groove Is In The Heart and its album World Clique are both considered classics, “the one album that continues to sell and is considered a cult classic is named Dewdrops
In The Garden. It is the album that the younger kids always send praises for”. Kier said the hit helped push her solo career.

“It opened up the entire world to knowing who I am and the songs I write and produce,” she said. “It enabled me to travel the world.”

Deee-Lite — comprised of Super DJ Dimitri, Lady Miss Kier, Japanese DJ Towa Tei, and DJ Ani — broke up in 1995 due to artistic differences. Towa Tei was the first to depart, famously working with Kylie Minogue on two of her more cultish tracks, German Bold Italic and Sometime Samurai.

“I prefer performing as a solo artist,” she said, “but doing so rejuvenates my soul and allows me to move the crowd in an entirely different way.”

“I performed my disco act in 2006 as part of a festival that James Brown was headlining and so I have fond memories of him right before he died,” she said.

“The people are very down-to-earth, friendly and speak their mind.”

Asked whether she was an advocate for LGBTQI rights, Kier was quick to respond.

“Do you have to ask? Yes, I’ve been supporting gay rights since the early ’80s. “I believe lovers are the luckiest people, and if they want to get married, they should have the right — no matter what their sexual preference is.”

“I’m not the wife type though, and I’m not a traditionalist at all.”

Originally a designer, Kier was known as one of the club kids, creating her own outrageous outfits that were later to become part of the cult look that was Deee-Lite.

And Sydney Mardi Gras’ will be no different, with Kier saying she would “of course be making a new outfit”, but refused to spill any details. “You’ll have to wait for the show.”

Kier said partygoers were to expect to hear her play some “rare disco, Italo disco, and late ’80s house, with some acid house,” which she did and was pure heaven for the typical Mardi Gras fare.

Drag superstar RuPaul also attended as an international special guest – sashaying to Sydney joining drag tribute act The Dame Edna Experience, Harbour City sister Trevor Ashley and dance floor fillers Sneaky Sound System graced the annual Mardi Gras smorgasbord of arts, parties and social events, which was held over the 12th of February until 4 March 2012.

Other acts at the fest include Britney Spears: The Cabaret paying tribute to the car-crash-slash-pop-princess extraordinaire, and our very own Clown Prince of Polyester Bob Downe stared in his Retro-gras Tea Dance.

Some of the world’s most influential academics and creative talents discussed their work, passions and communities in the thought-provoking Queer Thinking event. Speakers include Professor Sara Ahmed from Goldsmith’s University of London and queer Muslim lawyer and social justice activist Alyena Mohummadally.

The hub during the Festival was at the Mardi Gras Festival Bar, Oxford Hotel. Packed program full of performers, big name DJs, comedy and some of fantastic community events – including Mega Furry Friday, when the bears take over all four floors, Mega Buzz, Swagger, Hot Rod, Dog Tag and Burlesque, plus Underground with Sydney Leather Pride events.

Mardi Gras Film Festival 2012 was presented by Queer Screen, a visual arts program, the Team Sydney sports festival, which organises a range of events for young people – including a Queer Prom celebrating Twenty10‘s 30th birthday.

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