The Real Housewives of Sydney Victoria Rees not only has a foul taste in fashion but a foul taste in words.

The 58 year old divorcee originally from Adelaide (explains a lot) was one of the first to represent Sydney (wish she didn’t) on The Real Housewives of Sydney and denied last year that she punched a male producer from production company Match Box Pictures.

‘It is not true. I did not hit him. I can’t discuss what actually happened’

Victoria Rees may not want to hide like a bitch discuss what actually happened that night, but this Leaked video footage of the incident speaks for itself. I wonder what her best mate and hairdresser Joe Gay Bailey or openly gay Foxtel ex CEO Brian Walsh would think?

This never before seen Leaked footage shows Victoria Rees pushing and shoving a camera man before her inner Bogan finally snaps the fuck out of it, not to be confused with The Real Housewives of Melbourne’s Star Gina LianoSnap the fuck out of it!” advice given to Pettifleur Berenger in Dubai.

“You are such a fucking stupid little poofter,” Victoria is heard saying to the producer. “Everyone hates you. Everyone.

athena x The Real Housewives of Sydney

The incident occurred right after another dramatic scene between Victoria Rees and Athena X, apparently ladies from Adelaide throw napkins and shady off camera comments, Greek ladies from Sydney on the other hand throw glasses of Champagne (Vicky you lucky it wasn’t the table! mate)

Victoria was trapped (and no not in that extremely tight and unforgiving top) but trapped in the corner seat next to dead weight Melissa Tkautz, so she panicked and did what most of us would do – the bolt. Most likely also bolting because Athena X had a handbag full of Caftans, Kimonos, Glitter Bombs and Pot Plants just waiting to be thrown at Vicky’s head.

Victoria somehow managed to make it past read my lips Melissa Tkautz saying she was going home, even though they were in Singapore… (to where Sydney? hope she’s got one of those numerous docked boats we saw on #rhosydney s1 or maybe a paddle board because as we know Vicky’s an expert “Just stick your Tits out, you’ll be fine“)

Victoria Rees The Real Housewives of Sydney Arena

Unfortunately there were no docked boats or paddle boards so she didn’t make it very far, she did manage to escape which is too bad as Athena X now had two Pot Plants, Melissa Tkautz and a table aimed square at her head.

“How do I get home?” – TigerAir $59 ONE WAY back to Adelaide.

How do I get home from here..I’m going home,” Victoria is heard saying to a group of producers before telling the camera directed at her to stop filming. When the filming doesn’t stop (evidence I imagine…) Vicky SNAPS.

The leaked video footage shows she pushed and shoved a cameraman and bogan bitches at a number of production staff and crew members from The Real Housewives of Sydney.

Kyle and Jackie O after seeing the Leaked footage spoke to one of Victoria’s cast mates Lisa Oldfield, to ask her thoughts re the incident. Lisa said that she had been away that night but it makes people understand just how high pressured that environment can be.

Lisa Oldfield The Real Housewives of Sydney

I actually wasn’t there…I missed it all,” said Lisa. “But I think you can start to understand why my drinking went from a hobby to a full time career. It was full on.”

Gina Liano The Real Housewives of Melbourne

SIDE NOTE: Personally I’m not offended by Victoria Rees using the word ‘poofter’, I mean that’s if Victoria Rees isn’t offended by the word c#nt face.’

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