In a special edition of ABC’s Q&A program last night, recently booted former Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull was questioned over the unnecessary and extremely expensive postal plebiscite regarding same-sex marriage that he implemented and oversaw in 2017.

Mr Turnbull read off a list of his own “achievements” while he was Prime Minister of Australia, including it was he that allowed Gay and Lesbian’s in Australia to legally marry, passing same-sex marriage legislation, telling the studio audience,

You know, think of the big social reforms — legalising same-sex marriage! I mean, what a gigantic reform that was!

I was able to do that!

Malcolm Turnbull Take A Seat (But Not In Parliament Again Please – Ever)

A very lame and insensitive way to summarise a horrible and painful period of time for so many LGBTQI Australians, their families, loved ones and friends.

It was a lengthy, torturous and stupid process that forced Gay and Lesbian’s to have their lives thrown into the open for scrutiny, it also allowed vitriolic hate speech and bigotry to return to the mainstream. The process is still felt by those who suffered underneath the false equivalence of a two-sided “debate”. It was a process enabled and supported by Turnbull, who all the while wore a shit-eating grin and espoused the joys of democracy and free speech.

There were numerous alternate pathways to same-sex marriage equality, most of which didn’t include a media fulled national discussion about whether the LGBTQI community deserves the same rights as everyone else.

Last night’s Q&A performance just confirms what the Australian LGBTQI community already knew – Malcolm Turnbull DGAF (doesn’t give a fuck) about the Gay and Lesbian community at all. 

Nearly a year to the day from the Yes Vote win, Turnbull, now unbound from the diplomatic mollifying of political office, had the perfect opportunity to finally put some closure on the damaging effects his chosen path had on same-sex marriage equality. He should have owned it and simply apologised to the Australian queer community the months of annoyance and stress caused by his long postal survey, and the reason it took so long to legislate.

Own It You Bitch Malcolm – Say Sorry

Turnbull could have apologised to the entire LGBTQI community, like Peter de Waal, whose 50-year wait to marry his partner, Peter Bonsall-Boone, sadly ended too soon when Bon passed away six months before the legislation passed.

Say Sorry to the kids of same-sex parents, who had their entire family and personal life chucked at the public and media for criticism. Say Sorry to the gay couples who will never get the chance to have their parents or grandparents see them on what would be the happiest day of their life, unfortunately due to the extremely long and unnecessary delays their ‘lives’ have now ended.

The LGBTQI community wants an apology from Malcom Turnbull. Every single one of us that had to walk down the street and wonder if those we were passing had voted Yes or No, or whether they believed we warranted the same equal rights as every other human.

The fact that he wouldn’t and probably never will apologise (unless he decides to write a fucking biography), proves Malcolm Turnbull just DGAF about anyone other than himself. Like everything else he proclaimed to believe in and support, the Australian LGBTQI community were merely just tools to be wielded in his unrepentant climb to the top of Australian politics.

Don’t forget Malcom Turnbull outright opposed the idea of a plebiscite on same-sex marriage, publicly voicing his dissent up until the very point he needed it to maintain leadership.

Turnbull threw the Gay and Lesbian community right under the bus, hope he comes to ‘Fearless’ the theme for Mardi Gras 2019 and the Mardi Gras Parade in 2019 – maybe i’ll throw him under the Priscilla Queen of The Desert Bus.) Malcom Turnbull has used every single LGBTQI person in Australia just to stay comfy in parliament for a bit longer, it’s possibly his most shameful act.

malcom turnbull mardi gras parade selfie

The Australian LGBTQI Community including any Australian who voted ‘Yes’ were the heroes in the story and achieved same sex marriage equality not Malcolm Turnbull.


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