Todd McKenney has recently been criticised by the media and LGBTQI communities for revealing the identity of his ex-boyfriend, his ex has since gone on to marry and have children with McKenney’s sister.

The veteran gay theatre performer made the revelation on LGBTQI radio station Joy 94.9’s Word For Word podcast hosted by Ben Norris.

McKenney said he has “a weird relationship” with Lisa his sister.

She married my ex-boyfriend and is still married to my ex-boyfriend but just has never mentioned it to me,” he said.

It’s weird isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about it publicly.”

McKenney revealed that he once dated musical theatre producer Simon Gallaher for five years when he was younger.

We did Pirates Of Penzance together… then we split up. I went on with my life and he went on with his,” he said.

It wasn’t until McKenney was told by fellow theatre performers that he found out his ex had begun dating his sister.

Todd McKenny

“I remember I was doing Cats and there was a newspaper banner outside the newsagency, and it said, ‘Simon’s love child,’” McKenney told the radio station.

I didn’t know anything about that but I got into my dressing room and the other guys in the show said, ‘What about Simon and Lisa?

And I went, ‘Which Simon?’ They said, ‘Simon Gallaher.’ I said, ‘Lisa who?’ And they said, ‘Your sister!

I went, ‘What?!’ I didn’t even know they knew each other.”

They got married and have got three kids and I’m close to their kids.

Gallaher, who had never previously spoken about his sexuality, hit back at McKenney, calling him a “headline whore”.

I have only one thing to say. Todd McKenney is a Headline Whore. Shame on him,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

His sister on the other hand is the love of my life and wife of over 31 years. I love her to the end of the world.”

Todd McKenney in 2008 also faced charges after an alleged drug arrest by police in the notorious sex cruising area of Rushcutters Bay Park in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Gallaher’s daughter, Gigi, questioned the radio station for airing the interview, telling them “publicly outing someone is just wrong,” Fairfax Media reported.

McKenney told JOY 94.9 that he had kept the story out of the public domain for the sake of Gallaher’s children, who are now fully grown adults.

I’m sick of not talking about it,” McKenney said.

For the sake of them I haven’t said it, but they’re grown up now and I get on with them and they know the stories now.”

McKenney said he and his sister are “chalk and cheese” but weren’t close with each other growing up.

We were in the same family but cut from a completely different cloth,” he said.

We see each other from time to time, but we don’t ring each other. There’s no animosity.”

McKenney is currently playing Dr Frank N Furter on the Melbourne leg of The Rocky Horror Show, he is the third actor to perform the role after actor Adam Rennie took over the role from Craig McLachlan.

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