> RED and Gold XS Westfield Gift Cards, PROOF of RIP-OFF <

I’ve recently seen a lot of posts on both Ozbargain and other forums where people are getting very stressed out and confused about the Red and XS (Gold) Westfield Gift Cards.

It’s no wonder due to the below statement in their FAQ’s — Westfield FAQ’s 

Where can I use the Westfield XS Gift Card ?
The Westfield XS Gift Card offers more choice and flexibility.

In addition to being accepted in participating retailers in our centres Australia wide, the Westfield XS Gift Card can be used anywhere EFTPOS is accepted outside of Westfield Centres (at retailer’s discretion).

Gift Card acceptance is at the retailer’s discretion and some retailers may choose not to accept the Westfield Gift Card or Westfield XS Gift Card, including cinemas

The above FAQ statement is an absolute lie and what westfield thinks is a very clever way to cash in on unsuspecting customers. Most customers would also assume because they are paying an extra $2 ( $4.95 for Westfield XS Gift Card GOLD ) and it has the EFTPOS logo on the front it must be legit.

It’s not legit and I will explain why >

BOTH cards , the Westfield Gift Card ( RED $2.95 ) and the Westfield XS Gift Card ( GOLD $4.95 ) are BOTH EFTPOS CARDS. In fact the cheaper RED Westfield Gift Card is BETTER than then the more expensive XS Westfield Gift Card Gold.


As you can see I used my RED Westfield Gift Card outside westfield.

EFTPOS cards ( so both the westfield RED and GOLD gift cards ) can be used anywhere in Australia that accepts EFTPOS, again it’s BS that they have to be used inside a westfield shopping centre.

If you’re having problems at a check out or POS machine, make sure you do it yourself – everyone is so used to tapping now, this card needs to be swiped and then you need to press SAVINGS – do not press cheque or credit as it will decline just like any other EFTPOS card would – after you press SAVINGS enter your PIN, the PIN is located on the back on the card – you scratch to reveal it.

I have been using my card outside of westfield for YEARS at pretty much every single shop you can think of and surprise guess what – yes it works because it’s EFTPOS!

You can check this yourself, if you have a RED Westfield Gift Card ( or Gold ) and are still unsure then go to the below website link > This tool will check if the entered credit card numbers conforms to the Luhn formula ( Google > Luhn Formula < if you are unsure what this is ) Debit, Prepaid, Credit and Gift Cards should all work fine.


PLEASE NOTE – Never enter your personal or credit card details or other personal details onto any site to ‘test’, the site I have linked only asks for the card number – not your EXP date or CVV number – If a site is asking for this then it’s a phishing site and a scam.

Below you will see a check I did on my RED Westfield Gift Card.

Valid credit card numbers. Passing the Luhn test.

Credit card number: 502119#############
Personal account number: 0230#######
Major Industry Identifier: (5) Banking and financial
Bank identification number (BIN): 502119

So what does this tell us? Well now we know it’s a valid debit, prepaid , credit or gift card ( yeah so what… ) – > what we really want is the (BIN) which is the cards ‘Bank Identification Number’ – as you can see the RED Westfield Gift Card BIN is 502119

Now you know the BIN ( by the way ALL RED Westfield gift cards have the SAME BIN ) you can go to this website and check your BIN >

https://www.exactbins.com/bin-lookup – again I tested the above BIN mentioned and the below is the result.

BIN: 502119
Card Brand: MAESTRO
Card SubType: GIFT
Issuing Country: AUSTRALIA

Anything stand out to you? Yes that’s correct – CARD TYPE = MAESTRO | Maestro = Mastercard | and CARD TYPE = DEBIT. ( Debit is EFTPOS ) more details on Wikipedia re Maestro

Due to the fact it’s a Maestro DEBIT card – what this means is yes you can use your RED Westfield Gift Card card outside of westfield, you can also use it anywhere in Australia that accepts EFTPOS and because it’s a MAESTRO card you can use it anywhere in the WORLD! ( that accepts Maestro which is EFTPOS )  please see below statement from Wikipedia

Australian debit cards normally cannot be used outside Australia. They can only be used outside Australia if they carry the MasterCard/Maestro/Cirrus or Visa/Plus or other similar logos, in which case the non-Australian transaction will be processed through those transaction systems. Similarly, non-Australian debit and credit cards can only be used at Australian EFTPOS terminals or ATMs if they have these logos or the MasterCard or Visa logos”

So all of a sudden you’ve gone from having a Red Westfield Gift Card which you thought gets you no where / being ripped off and told / restricted to using your RED Westfield Gift Cards only in Westfield Shopping Centres to now actually having a Maestro Debit Card which can be used anywhere worldwide.

You’re Welcome – Merry Christmas 😉


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